Cynthia Anthis

About Dr. Cynthia Anthis 

Dr. Cynthia Anthis graduated from Kingwood High School in North Houston. She received her undergraduate degree in Education from Baylor University and her Medical Degree from Baylor College of Medicine. After completing her internship in Family Medicine at Baylor, she went on to finish her training in Family Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Portsmouth, Virginia. Dr. Anthis has spent her career serving the underserved in various settings.  She and her family worked in rural Nigeria for three years where Dr. Anthis expanded access to vaccinations and trained community health workers. She also started a clinic for women living in poverty. In the U.S., her work has been with Community Health Centers and Faith Based Organizations. Dr. Anthis has been married to Dr. Joel Anthis, an ENT, for more than 30 years. Together they have four children and one grandchild. The Anthis family loves to travel and spend time with friends and family. 

English, Medical Spanish and Hausa (Northern Nigeria)