Marcqwon Daywalker

About Dr. Marcqwon Daywalker

Dr. Marcqwon Daywalker, M.D., a native of Georgia, holds the esteemed titles of MD and DipABLM, showcasing his commitment to medical excellence. As the Chief Health Equity & Wellness Officer, he has carved an impactful legacy in the healthcare landscape here at AccessHealth. Dr. Daywalker embarked on his academic journey with a biology degree from Georgia Southern University, followed by a medical degree from Morehouse School of Medicine. His residency training at the University of Texas Medical Branch further enriched his skills. Since commencing his practice in 2016, Dr. Daywalker has been a stalwart advocate for comprehensive healthcare, earning board certifications in family and lifestyle medicine. His alignment with the National Health Service Corps reflects a profound dedication to community service. Dr. Daywalker's practice spans the entirety of family medicine services, emphasizing prevention, diagnosis, treatment, management, and wellness promotion. Proudly rooted in Fort Bend County, Dr. Daywalker finds joy in family life, embodied by a loving marriage and the joys of fatherhood. Beyond the medical realm, his diverse interests include travel exploration, literary pursuits, staying active through running, and cherishing moments with loved ones. Dr. Daywalker's professional commitments extend to leadership development, mentoring, coaching, trauma-informed care, and the unwavering pursuit of health equity. In each aspect of his life, Dr. Daywalker exemplifies a holistic approach to well-being.