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Our agency accepts most private insurances, Medicaid, Medicare, and CHIP. If you have any of those stated you may call and make a doctor’s appointment with AccessHealth. You will need to provide your insurance information at the time you schedule your appointment. If you are uninsured and wish to apply for discounted health care services you must make an appointment with AccessHealth’s Registration & Eligibility Department and bring the necessary documentation. View accepted insurance & how to register
You will need to bring in proof of identification, address and income. To receive discounted health care services, you will need to make an appointment with the Eligibility Department. If you forget to bring any of your required documentation, AccessHealth will not be able to approve your eligibility as a patient. What to bring to your registration appointment.
When you apply for services at AccessHealth, we ask to see your spouse’s information and your child’s information because your eligibility is based on your family’s size and income. The Eligibility Department will also screen you and your family members for other available discounted health care programs and services.
It depends on availability. Once you have completed registration, you can schedule an appointment with AccessHealth.
Unfortunately, yes. If you have to come back to the Eligibility Department because your paper work is incomplete you will have to schedule another appointment. It is important to bring all of your paper work with you the first time.
If you have a form of insurance, you will pay your normal co-pay. If you do not have insurance, your family size and income will be used to determine if you qualify for discounted fees. Co-pays vary for both medical care and dental care. If you have no insurance and you do not qualify for discounted healthcare services, you may register as a full-fee patient and will be responsible for 100% of your bill.
If you renew your eligibility before seeing the doctor, you will not have to pay the full fee. If you are ill and see the doctor, you will have to pay the full fee cost upfront. Follow-up and preventative care appointments will be rescheduled until your eligibility is renewed.
Immunization shots are $5.00 per child and are available during normal clinic hours.
Depending on the lab test, results can take up to ten business days.
AccessHealth will not provide payment for your hospital charges, we are not considered a health insurance plan. If you do not have insurance, you are responsible for contacting the hospital’s billing department to set up a payment plan.
Yes, AccessHealth offers dental services at its Stafford Center (281)261-0182. Please call for more information.
No, you may only apply for a Gold Card through Harris County. Fort Bend County has an indigent health care program for people with very low incomes. You can apply through the Fort Bend County Indigent Care Program (281)341–6624.
Yes. Assistance with Medicaid is available for those individuals who plan to become patients of AccessHealth. AccessHealth staff will assist you to apply for children’s Medicaid, Medicaid for pregnant women and the Women’s Health Program for family planning services.
If you have a question or concern, you may call AccessHealth to leave a message for your medical provider. Your provider’s nurse will call you back and assist you with your issue.
Your case manager or counselor will provide you with their phone number. You may leave a message if they are not available to speak with you and they will return your call as soon as possible.
It is very important that you take your medications as prescribed by your AccessHealth medical provider. It is also very important that you do not run out of your medications. In order to have a steady supply of medications, you need to call in refill requests to the AccessHealth Pharmacy (281)341-2918 or the outside pharmacy you use, three (3) days before you run out of medication. All refill requests must be called into the pharmacy that you use to fill your prescriptions and not to your medical provider at AccessHealth, Inc. If you have refills remaining, the pharmacy will fill your prescription without having to call your medical provider. If you have no refills remaining on your prescription, the pharmacy will contact your medical provider to get authorization for additional refills.
The Uniform Data System (UDS) report is a core set of information appropriate for reviewing the operation and performance of health centers. The UDS tracks a variety of information, including patient demographics, services provided, staffing, clinical indicators, utilization rates, costs, and revenues.