Hurricane Preparedness Guide 2024

Hurricane Season is June 1 to November 30. Check out the information below to learn more about hurricanes and what you can do to prepare. Also, reference the attached 2024 Hurricane Guide for helpful information on preparing in advance.  Don’t get caught off guard.

Fort Bend County residents are encouraged to sign up for Fort Bend County Alert, a free system to be alerted about emergencies and other important community news.

Personal Preparedness Checklist

Your personal preparedness checklist should include enough supplies for about two weeks for each person.

  • Water – 18.5 gallons of water per person (.5 gallon for drinking and two gallons for bathing)
  • Food – Ready-to-eat canned foods, shelf-stable snacks, and beverages.
  • Medicine – Your prescription medication, a first aid kit that contains aspirin, non-aspirin pain reliever, antacid, band aids, antiseptic, scissors,  and tweezers.
  • Personal Hygiene/Care Items – toilet paper, towels, soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrushes, denture needs, eyeglasses, insect repellent, and sun protection. Remember to include hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes.
  • Other Supplies – Battery-operated radio, flashlight, and batteries (including batteries for hearing aids), non-electric can opener, portable cooler and ice, plastic trash bags, tarp or sheet plastic, cleaning supplies such as bleach, paper napkins, plates and cups, pillows and blankets, and duct tape. Consider including crayons, and coloring books for small children. Word finds, crossword puzzle books for yourself, and teenagers to help ward off boredom and keep minds busy without the availability of electronic devices. You may also include a deck of cards, and compact games such as Uno for family entertainment.
Helpful Tips: 
  • Have an out-of-state family member, or friend as a family contact so all your family members have a single point of contact to check on your safety.
  • Pets. Plan now for what to do with your pets if you need to evacuate, to include identifying the closest shelter in your area. Food and water if taking them with you.
  • Store all your items in shoe boxes, or smaller plastic storage totes with lids for easy grab and go.
Here are some important steps to help you medically prepare for hurricane season:
  • Have at least a 14-day supply of prescription medications on hand.
  • If you have an urgent need for a prescription refill and your pharmacy is closed, contact the shelter where you are staying for guidance on proximity of pharmacies open to fulfill your needs. The shelter may have a temporary pharmacy set up on site.
  • If you evacuate, bring prescription bottles – whether full or empty – of all medications that you are currently taking with you.
  • For medications that require refrigeration, make sure you have a small portable cooler or ice chest ready for easy transport if needed.
  • Have a complete list of all prescription and non-prescription medications you take regularly, along with the dosage for each and the name, address, and telephone number of your regular pharmacy. Be sure you include a list of any allergies.
  • Have the name, specialty, address, and phone number of any physician you visit on a regular basis. Store all papers in a waterproof, portable container. Quart size storage bags are a perfect choice for keeping papers dry.
  • If there is a family member in your home that is on continuous oxygen, ventilator support, tube feedings, etc., please plan to evacuate to a special needs shelter if you do not have a generator. Check with your medical equipment provider early in the hurricane season to get guidance on medical supplies to keep on hand.
  • If you are on dialysis, check with your dialysis provider for alternative plans to receive your dialysis in the event of power outages.
  • If you have medical needs, the best advice is to check with all your providers of medical care to obtain their recommendations on which course of action you should take in the event of a disaster.

Visit for current and upcoming forecasts, along with key information when necessary.