Nisha Varghese

About Dr. Nisha Varghese

Dr. Nisha Varghese, M.D., brings a wealth of expertise to our community here at AccessHealth. She earned her undergraduate degree from UT-Pan American (now UT-RGV) and furthered her education by obtaining a medical degree from the esteemed Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. Dr. Varghese's commitment to excellence is evident in her completion of residency with Memorial Family Medicine in Sugar Land, TX, and a fellowship in Addiction Medicine, earning her a well-deserved subspecialty board certification. Board-certified in Family Medicine, Dr. Varghese is dedicated to providing a broad range of services to our patients. Beyond her professional achievements, she is a devoted mother of two and happily married. With proficiency in both English and Malayalam, Dr. Varghese ensures effective communication and cultural sensitivity in her practice, embodying the values that make AccessHealth a beacon of healthcare excellence.

Since her addiction medicine fellowship, Dr. Varghese has prescribed FDA approved medications for the treatment of opioid use disorder, tobacco use disorder and alcohol use disorder.  She is also able to help patients with other substance use disorders such as cannabis, sedative, and amphetamine use disorders.  She is well trained in managing acute withdrawal from substance use disorders. She can evaluate patients’ mental health and prescribe medications for co-occurring mental health disorders, specifically major depression, anxiety disorder, attention deficit disorders, and bipolar disorder.  Patients who are committed to their recovery and adherent to recommended medications and programs have been able to sustain their sobriety and be successful in their recovery journey.