Simi James

About Simi James

Simi James, a seasoned board-certified advanced practice Nurse Practitioner (APRN) and proud alumna of Walden University, extends her expertise to patients aged 13 and above. With a keen interest in wellness and preventive medicine, Simi places a significant emphasis on the early detection and treatment of various chronic diseases. In her tenure since 2021 at Family Practice, Simi has been a stalwart in diagnosing and managing acute and chronic medical conditions. Her multifaceted role involves crafting comprehensive treatment plans, meticulously evaluating test results, conducting PAP smears, and performing wellness exams. Simi's commitment to patient care is underscored by her dedication to holistic well-being. Beyond her professional commitments, Simi finds joy in her roles as a happily married individual and a mother of three. Her off-duty pursuits include the delightful realms of cooking and family camping adventures. Simi seamlessly navigates conversations in both English and Malayalam, adding cultural richness to her patient interactions.